Curt has no legs. (squigg_e) wrote in tokyo_vogue,
Curt has no legs.

Chamomile has just finished recording their (real) album!

Well, kind of.

Stop by the Ambler Coffee Company (14 W. Butler Pike in Ambler, PA) from, roughly, 8PM to 11PM on Friday, December 26th for an experiment in pure unbridled pain and dilapidating anguish. Or should I say, "Free unbridled pain and dilapidating anguish."

Mass murder killings, etc.

The murderers are as follows:
  • Chamomile (members of The Rickets, Aunt Vivian's Revengence, Attack Rabbit, Sleeping Beauty, Night Owl, Welcome Fetus)
  • Father Bingo (ex. ??)
  • Jared Brey (ex. Our Bodies guitarist)
The Chamomile site is right though here.
Whereas the Father Bingo site is running circles in the yard.
But Jared is rumfoord and explosive.

And thats right... Cross-posting, indeed!
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