Curt has no legs. (squigg_e) wrote in tokyo_vogue,
Curt has no legs.


-> "Who is that, over there?"
--> "Why it's the fine fox."
---> "And the horrid slave."
----> "What is that music?"

There were three of them, by now. By now. They have appeared before and again at:

The corner of Glenside Avenue and Easton Road. They are inside the train station.

On the second (2nd) of January. The year two thousand and three (2003). The year of our Lord.

They are on fire at the coffee distribution establishment. Her name is Elcy. Thats Elcy's Coffee Distribution Establishment.

The space-time is conducive to six (6) pm.

The land-price is conducive to free ($0) nothings.

The subjects are as follows:

  • Chamomile (members of the rickets, sleeping beauty, welcome fetus, night owl, attack rabbit, aunt vivian's revengence, our bodies)

  • Brian W. (nervous) Monster (member of the barco project, attack rabbit, the dead kids, the holy weeks, the niceys)

  • Attack Rabbit (drums from chamomile, guitar-voice from brian w. monster)

  • rumfoord/benji69 or JAREDbongo/BENJIkins (former guitarists for our bodies)

To survive you must be there. On time. Contact me for more instructions.
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