Curt has no legs. (squigg_e) wrote in tokyo_vogue,
Curt has no legs.


[Saturday: July 31st, 2004 @ 7:00pm]
Geeks & Gawds Music Shoppe.
87 East Butler Pike in Ambler, PA.
$0 - All ages

Two Pump Chump - Pickles and Bananas cover two songs per show. Never in the same era. Never in the same pants.

Urinary Tractor - Formerly Attack Rabbit. Brian does the lead stuff. Curt hides in the corner. Truly great rock-and-roll from two frightened little boys. Samples: [Eyes] [Face to Fake Brigade]

William Wallace's Severed Limbs - Thrashy? Post hardcore? I know Life Sentence was good.

Chamomile - Powerful and ambiguously erotic. Mike twangs and sangs while churt bangs. They give stuff away and wear masks. So much fun. Samples: [Stargazing] [Alcohol] [Ghost (Rare)]

PLUS a bunch more i cant remember

Anyways, its free. So go, and if you dont go, you are a total loser. That is, if you dont go and you are in the Philadelphia area. If not, i guess you are exempt. But just this once. &&
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